BIG UPDATE: P88BET updates many utility features

BIG UPDATE: P88BET cập nhật nhiều tính năng tiện ích

P88bet – the leading online football betting company, has implemented the BIG UPDATE campaign to upgrade and improve the system to perfectly meet the needs of players in the Vietnamese and Asian markets. Reliable, P88bet is committed to delivering the best betting experience and customer satisfaction.

P88bet BIG UPDATEjpg

P88bet has begun to penetrate and appear on the Vietnamese market with a reputation as a well-known brand.

With a vision to meet the needs of players, P88bet is constantly changing and improving to create a world of class and quality sports entertainment, whileining familiarity and providing great conveniences to customers.

The latest version of P88bet has been updated with many new tournaments and matches in the main football and football category, in order to give more richness and diversity to the betting participants on the system.

P88.Bet - Chọn thêm nhiều giải đấu P88.Bet – Choose more tournaments

❐ Besides, P88bet has created a particularly user-friendly and familiar interface, with harmonious colors like Viva88. Thanks to this, players have absolutely no difficulty in placing bets on P88bet.

P88.Bet - Giao diện thân thuộc P88.Bet – Familiar interface

❐ Due to the focus on development in the Vietnamese market, P88bet has changed the system time to GMT+7 to help players avoid confusion about the time of the matches. At the same time, the feature of viewing the tournament in different time frames is also integrated into the system. Thanks to this feature, players can fully capture the matches taking place in the time frame they want to watch and make sure not to miss any of the top matches!

P88.Bet - Thời gian GMT+7 theo giờ Việt Nam P88.Bet – Time GMT+7 Vietnam time

❐ In order to bring diversity to players, P88bet not only keeps the traditional odds such as European, Malay, Hong Kong bets but also continues to update more American (AM) odds. This gives players more options and easier access to the types of betting they love.

P88.Bet - Tỉ lệ cược Mỹ (AM) P88.Bet – American Odds (AM)

P88bet is still recruiting agents with many shocking promotions and comm (commission) promotions. All the details please contact us:

 ☎ Telegram: @SBV_Sales