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In today’s complex and dynamic business environment, data statistics, data control, and information management are essential tasks for the sustainable development of enterprises. To meet this demand, VStat has introduced an effective data statistics and control solution, creating a solid foundation for safety and success in the iGaming industry.

The Importance of Data Statistics & Data Control


Summary, Data Statistics, and Analysis: VStat provides accurate and timely data statistics solutions that enable businesses to have an overview of the model, development, and potential of each system. This helps businesses make rational and precise decisions in policy planning.

Rich Database System: VStat owns a rich and continuously updated database system, facilitating information search and data management. This ensures accuracy and efficiency in data utilization.

Specialized Software: VStat utilizes specialized accounting software to process statistical data and create analytical reports. This ensures superiority and effectiveness in financial management and data handling.

The VStat Brand Building Platform

Rich Data System: VStat takes pride in possessing a diverse and continuously updated database system, categorized for specific purposes. This facilitates a convenient and scientifically-driven process of information search and data analysis.

Accuracy: VStat is committed to operating the system with scientific and optimized processes, ensuring precise and timely responses to customer requests. This reflects the professionalism and reliability of VStat in meeting the needs of iGaming businesses.

Superiority: VStat utilizes specialized software to handle statistical data processing and build analytical reporting systems. This guarantees a modern and superior solution tailored for iGaming customers.

What Useful Factors Does VStat Provide for System Security & Development?

With over 10 years in the iGaming market, VStat has established its position as a reliable partner in providing high-quality and effective Statistical Services to support business operations in the iGaming industry.

Data Control: VStat applies modern technology to manage and monitor all data on customer systems. As a result, businesses can confidently maintain the accuracy and security of their data, avoiding the risk of important information loss.

Alert Messages: VStat’s automated system monitors and sends alert messages immediately upon detecting anomalies in the data. This helps businesses promptly identify potential dangers and take timely remedial actions, minimizing potential damages.

Comprehensive Reporting: VStat conducts comprehensive system reviews to quickly detect hacking and sabotage activities, thereby proactively preventing and notifying customers. This ensures the system’s safety and security against external threats.

User Support: VStat is committed to providing detailed and user-friendly usage instructions for businesses, along with a 24/7 support team. This ensures that businesses always receive dedicated and timely assistance when facing issues related to the use of VStat’s solution.


How to Use VStat's Technical Support Service?

  1. Send your request to VStat’s specialized department.
  2. VStat will advise on suitable service packages based on the specific needs and purposes of each customer.
  3. Customers will officially utilize VStat’s Technical Support Service after agreeing to the terms and policies.

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